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Before using, cleanse the rods by smudging (using incense), praying to your favorite diety, blessing them, or whatever method works best for you. The idea is not to let anything harmful influence the rods.

Hold the dowsing rods about shoulder length apart, and do not grip tightly. Relax your arms and just hold them as it feels appropriate. Dowsing rods are usually used in pairs. Using only one rod is possible, though not as effective.

Aura and Chakra Checking with Dowsing Rods

Aura checking: walk towards a person, the rods should swing outwards at the boundary of the aura. Chakra checking: move the rods toward the chakra, an active chakra's energy should push the rods outwards; an inactive chakra may do nothing or pull the rods towards it.

Other Uses

As with a pendulum, dowsing rods can also be used to answer yes or no questions, but test to make sure which is which. Ask "Show me Yes", and the rods should point in one way (mine tend to cross over each other, forming an X). Do the same for "Show me No". This test is also good to perform before searching for objects, to make sure the dowsing rods are responding to you.

To find something, just start walking. Try a few times, perhaps with a bowl of water nearby, and walk past it with the intention of finding water. The rods may point towards it as you walk past, indiicating that you should change direction and walk in the direction the rods are pointing. Work with them, with practice you should be able to interpret what they are trying to tell you.

After a while, the dowsing rods may stop indicating proper direction or swing randomly. I have found that there is an excess of energy around the rods at this time, and they may need to be cleansed again or put away for another time. Again, just do what feels appropriate.

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