Purple (Zero Point Field Energy) Plate with Heart - $150
How the Purple Plate with Heart Works
How to Use the Purple Plate with Heart
The Power of the Purple Plate with Heart
Chakras and The Purple Plate with Heart, Zero Point Energy

Imagine owning an object that had the power to change for better the water you drink, the food you eat and even the people you know? It sounds like a plot for a science fiction movie, but there have been some incredible claims and results in conjunction with the Purple Plate with Heart. Although the Tesla- inspired plates have been used for over many years, they are just now gaining recognition due to the New Age era of miracles and spirituality. The violet colored plates are said to emit positive energy and affect certain objects placed on them. They range in size from 1" to the large 12" X 12".

Purple Energy Plate with Heart and the Body Fields
To energize your body’s fields and alleviate pains and discomforts, wave your plate over and as close possible on the body and the problem areas. As the plate will work clock wise, anti clock wise. Repeat as often when necessary.

Purple Plate with Heart Benefits

  1. Protect one against electromagnetic field radiation (EMF Radiation) in the environment and from EMF - producing equipment, such as computers, televisions, etc.
  2. Assist the body to clear the distortions in its bio-energetic field.
  3. Relieve the body of pain and discomfort and may support healing of the different body fields.
  4. Facilitate and/or strengthen the flow of energy in the body
  5. Stimulate bodily functions and strengthen immunity.
  6. Enhance all your chakras and aura.
  7. General Wellness/Other Benefits
  8. Energizes the liquid we drink and the food we eat by increasing potency.
  9. Clears food of all negative energy and negative residues such as pesticides.
  10. Energizes creams, and oils for better absorption of nutreients.
  11. Use the Purple Plate on face to rejuvenate the skin.
  12. Restores the natural harmony of the body thus aiding natural healing.

These plates will help to raise the vibration rate of the individual using them. In no way, can these plates be harmful. Plate energy will change the taste of wine…and for some reason, cheap wine improves and expensive wine becomes like vinegar. For a boost of energy just wave the plate over your entire body from head to toe.

Quantum Physics has revealed that everthing in the Universe is energy. The energy fields of humans, plants, the earth and the rest of the Universe provide the interface that connects us all.

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"Expect a miracle today."

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